Behind The Scenes Of One of The Top Affiliate Ad Campaigns

Table of Contents

The Launch Structure
Setting the Campaign Foundation
The Three Phases Of Ads
Phase One Breakdown
Phase Two Breakdown
Phase Three Breakdown
The Final Numbers

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Launch Structure

Before I jump into and the ad strategy, it’s important for you to understand the Sales funnel structure used for The Knowledge Business Blueprint Launch.

This funnel structure was actually really simple…

Which says a lot because this launch crushed it. A testament to the saying, “Keep it simple stupid!”

The Sales Funnel looked a little like this!

Obviously, there was also a replay page for those that missed the launch webinar live etc. but for the sake of simplicity, this was the general flow of the launch.

Now the other big thing to know with any launch is the dates of all the important launch events.

When can people start registering for the webinar?

What day and time is the launch webinar?

When does the cart open and close?

Here is the general timeline for the KBB launch that we had to work with!

  • Webinar Registration page will be live April 20th
  • Live Webinar will be held on April 30th
  • Cart opens immediately after webinar on April 30th
  • Cart closes on May 13th

In addition to these key dates. Dean did do some live Q&A sessions, add in some extra bonuses etc during the open cart period between April 30th and May 13th.

It felt like these things were not items that had been preplanned in advance.

As an affiliate we typically got one or two days notice of these things making it a bit hard to effectively fit into the ad strategy.

Setting the Campaign Foundation

This wasn’t mine or John’s first affiliate promotion so we knew there were a few things we needed to finalize before we even thought about the ad strategy.

In 100% honesty and transparency what I am about to talk about is probably the number one reason John was able to make so many affiliate sales of the KBB offer.

I would love to say it was my ads and the strategies I used that drove these sales but the truth is, without this foundational item no matter how good the ads were, it would have been like pulling teeth to make these sales. 

John knew that The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) in and of itself was an irresistible offer.

That’s why he hopped in on this launch…

But he also knew that if he wanted any chance at hitting top 10 as an affiliate that he needed to give people a reason to buy KBB through his link.

A really GOOD reason…

Obviously there was no way for him to discount the price or offer coupons etc because it wasn’t his product, but he could add some bonuses…

So the ultimate JLD Bonus Experience was born!

Anyone who purchased KBB through John’s affiliate link would also get the following items in addition to everything included with KBB:

  • A private weekend mastermind in Puerto Rico at John’s House (for the first 25 buyers)
  • A 20 minute one-on-one strategy call with JLD
  • A 15 minute interview with JLD
  • A personal testimonial from JLD
  • 4 week virtual mastermind with JLD going through the KBB course.

JLD went all out with these bonuses so that joining KBB and specifically joining it through his link was a total no brainer!

In fact if he were to sell just these items alone I am sure it would cost 5 to 10 times more than the price of KBB alone.

This is the foundation that made getting results from our ads so easy!

With all these items out of the way, now it’s time to actually jump into the ad strategy!

The Three Phases Of Ads

After seeing the structure of the launch I knew exactly how we needed to run our Facebook ad campaign to coincide with it.

I decided to break our campaign down into three main phases.

  1. Awareness
  2. Registration
  3. Sales promotion

The goal of each one of these phases was simple…

Phase 1: Awareness

This is the ad phase that most people tend to skip or not even think about.

I did my best to watch and monitor daily what the other big affiliates where doing. 

I would pull up their active ads in Facebooks ad library, subscribed to all their email lists etc. 

I was basically doing everything I could to watch our main competitions “game tape”.

From what I saw, out of the other 9 top 10 affiliates, 2 of them did some sort of awareness phase to their marketing for KBB.

However none of them used Facebook ads as part of their awareness marketing which I am sure really played to our benefit.

The strategy for this campaign was VERY SIMPLE.

I wanted to run a pure value ad that introduced the concept of Masterminds and gave people the process needed to start one.

I then wanted to target this ad to a custom audience that consisted of the EoFire email list, and website traffic from the last 90 days.

So asked John to see if he could record an interview with either Tony, Dean, or Russell talking about just this.

In true JLD fashion he locked down interviews with all three of them and got them all recorded by the 17th of April.

These interviews were audio only so I took them, pulled out 2 minute clips, and turned them into simple audiogram videos with captions.

I purposely reduced these down to 2 minute segments so I could run the video in the Instagram feed as an ad.

Running videos also allowed me to build a custom audience of anyone who watched more than 50% so I could target them with ads to register for the webclass during phase 2.

For these ads I ended up testing optimization for both “Video Views” and “Reach”. 

Video Views significantly outperformed Reach optimization with these ads.

Since we were only running these ads to Johns existing audience we didn’t have to spend much to make a big splash.

We ended up spending just $574.35 on these ads and reached 73,043 people with them.

This really set us up for phase 2!

Phase 2: Registration

As April 30th and the live webclass got closer, it was time to focus on promoting the webinar and generating leads!

John had really wanted to start pushing for registrations as soon as the webclass landing page went live.

This page was live more than 10 days before the actual webinar date and I knew from millions of managed ad spend and promoting webinars that pushing opt-ins that far out was a bad idea.

People either don’t sign up because it is so far out they are not sure if they will be able to make it OR they do register and never attend because after 10 days they forgot about it…

Because of this I started phase 2 of the Facebook ads 6 days out from the webinar date.

I also setup my campaigns so I could hockey stick my spend so the majority of registrations would happen the day of and the day before the webinar.

The goal was to spend $4,000 to $5,000 in ad spend during this phase. With $2,500 – $3,000 of that being spent on the 29th and 30th.

For these ads I had John film two different videos for me. 

One that shared a story of a time he got massive value from a Mastermind he attended with the CTA to attend the webclass.

And another that focused on sharing the idea that everyone has knowledge that can be sold or monetized including them! This then had the CTA to attend the webclass to learn more.

Just for the sake of time I am not going to go too deep into the copy of these ads or why I choose these angles.

What I will say is authentic ads, that include a story that can take someone from point A to point B produce the highest ROI.

Every good ad is a bridge that catches the attention of its ideal prospect and transports them to the next step in their ideal journey.

I thought these ads would do just that, so I ran with them.

Looking at the stats in ads manager on the first day it seemed I had hit it right on the money.

Cost Per Click was super low, Link Click Through Rate was high, Relevance score was a 9.

All signs that I could see pointed to us knocking it out of the park. So I asked John what the optin numbers looked like from the affiliate dashboard and he sent me this… 

The numbers looked terrible!!

We basically had a 4% conversion rate and this was not just cold ad traffic. This was traffic from John’s list, social etc. 

A portion of this traffic should be warm traffic. 

Normally we will see about a 30% conversion rate so this threw some really big red flags.

In fact John said we should probably just cut ad spend all together since the overall numbers were looking poor.

So we slowed spend down big time…

After a few days were informed by Deans team that the front end tracking in the affiliate dashboard was not functioning correctly and they gave us our actual optin numbers.

From those we could see we were converting at about 25% so we decided to try and push ad spend again.

This little reporting error really hurt how much I could spend during this phase.

Since we paused ads, I was not able to scale the ad spend in the strong hockey stick manner I had planned.

I could have turned these back on and dumped a bunch of budget into them but we had no idea how it would react. 

So I played it safe and scaled the spend as much as I could in a controlled way.

In the end we ended up spending $2,337.97 on these ads and generated 2,782 clicks for a CPC of $0.84

But that wasn’t the only campaign I ran during this phase!

In fact we ran an ad campaign that no one else thought of!

The day of the webinar (April 30th) we ran what I like to call an “eager buyer” campaign.

We knew with Tony Robbins, Dean, and Russel behind this offer that there were tons of people promoting this webinar and talking about the offer.

Which meant there were a portion of people out there who already knew they were going to buy on the webinar.

We wanted to take advantage of this and give those ‘eager buyers’ a reason to buy through John’s affiliate link and not directly or through someone else.

So we created an ad that specifically talked about the offer that would be made and told people about all the additional bonuses John would give them for FREE if they purchased through his link.

This ad performed amazingly well bringing in $0.48 clicks for us and I am sure some low hanging sales with it!

Creative ad angles like this are what separated us from the rest of the affiliates.

At this point we felt pretty good about our chances of hitting the top 10 overall.

We had ended the lead contest in the top 10 and hoped that maintained as we transitioned into sales promotion.

Phase 3: Sales Promotion

Our sales promotion strategy was pretty straight forward. We would target our warm audience plus the audiences of Tony, Russell, Dean, and any other big affiliates Facebook had interest audiences for.

We decided we wanted to really focus on prospects who were already sold on KBB and just needed a little nudge to pull the trigger.

That meant all we had to do was reaffirm how amazing the program was and lean hard into all the additional bonuses someone would get by enrolling through John.

For the first few days after the launch we were dumping a lot of money into these ads.

We were planning on spending around $1,000 a day on just these bonus centric ads.

However after two days of the cart being open our reported sales numbers were looking bad… Real bad.

It looked like we had around 10 sales…

At this point, between the ads for the other two phases and our open cart ads we had spent around $5,000 on ads alone.

We were worried we would end up losing money on this launch so come day 3 we turned off ad spend completely. 

Turns out, again the reporting in their affiliate area was wrong and we were closer to 100 sales, not 10…

Which again, really screwed our plans for scaling ad spend and probably cost Tony, Dean, and Russell some extra sales since we pulled off the gas a bit.

All in all for this campaign we ended up spending $1648.46 and generating 1,552 clicks.

During this time we also ran another campaign.

This was an ad angel and offer that I really thought would knock it out of the park but in the end it really fell short.

John said he would be willing to do one on one calls with people to answer any questions they had about KBB.

So we decided to run a Messenger ad that let people submit their question, and their phone number. John then set aside some time everyday to call these people personally. 

I thought his audience would go nuts at the chance to chat with him one on one and actually have some of their objections addressed.

The ad ended up looking like this.

After about $500 in ad spend promoting this we could see we were paying about $20 per call request and it wasn’t converting how we had envisioned.

Don’t get me wrong, this campaign was still profitable, just not in the realm of what I had anticipated it to be.

The final campaign we ran during this phase was a cart closing campaign.

Again we targeted John’s warm audience plus the audiences of Tony, Russell, Dean, and any other big affiliates Facebook had interest audiences for.

Cart openings and cart closing are typically the biggest sale times of any launch. 

Since our open cart moment got slowed down by the reporting error we really wanted to finish with a bang. 

Also at this point we were still sitting strong in the top 10 and wanted to do everything we could to ensure that didn’t change on the last day.

Fiji was calling!

This ad started on the 11th and we wanted to spend $1,000 – $1,500 a day here.

Luckily, this one went off without a hitch for us and we were able to do exactly what we wanted.

We ended up spending $3,014.48 on this campaign and generated 1,809 clicks.

We felt a lot more comfortable spending on ads at this point because we knew that Fire Nation was loving the offer and it was converting well.

All together during this phase we spent a total of $5,124.26 on Facebook ads. 

The Final Numbers 

So, how did John finish in the KBB launch?

Well in the top 10 with a 7th place finish! (Russell Brunson couldn’t place)

When It was all said and done JLD had made more than 300 sales of KBB and cemented his spot on a private trip to Fiji with Tony Robbins.